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The many years of the Group present a list of priests, deacons, and nuns who have presented such vibrant discussions and shared important information in understanding our Catholic faith. With a better discussion of important subjects, the invited speakers have helped the people find more ways to practice what they have learned. The committee has always been looking out for these speakers who they can invite to speak at the novena.


​The night before, the image of the Santo Nino is positioned and decorated.  A couple of members are particularly assigned to do the flower arrangement while other members position the image and install the lighting and other fixtures.


These awesome group takes care of both the coffee break and the lunch. They coordinate what food to prepare as for example, each member takes care of one of the following: sandwich, main entree, the fruit, the bottled water, the coffee, the chips.  Quite a busy committee.


​Most of the members make up this committee that takes care of collecting the prayer requests, donations, chaplets and other prayer items, and also maintain the order of the church especially when the discussions by the speakers are in progress. They also assist in keeping the restrooms and all other areas of the church clean and in order. In addition, they handle the arrangement of the banners of the Holy Infant Jesus in the front of the church and around. They also make sure there are boxes for your petitions and for your donations. Let's not forget the important members handling the traffic in the parking lot.




Every year, the Novena theme and hourly topics are decided on by a number of members usually based on matters that are of utmost relevance to the community. For example, during the Year of Faith, the speakers spoke on the faith of the Biblical characters, the Faith of Mary and Joseph, the Faith of different saints.  The attendees find the hourly topics very informative and of great interest and relevance.


The members find quite an enormous selection of songs that prove to be inspiring as well as relevant to the hourly topics discussed. Many attendees express how the music is a vital and integral part of the prayers, and that the music even helps them meditate on the discussed topics.

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