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It is with deepest sadness that we announce the passing of our esteemed members, Jei Roco, Edith Sevilla, and Emilio Custodio. Please keep Jei, Edith, and Emil in your prayers! We shall never forget all the beautiful things they have done not just for the IJPAG but for everyone!

Thank you very much, Jei, Edith, and Emil!

Rest in peace!








Let us continue to propagate devotions to the Holy Infant Jesus of Prague. One thing we can do is contribute ideas, pictures, writeups and a whole lot more to make this website a very powerful medium of communication.  It will work beautifully for us, so that we can continue to work for the greater glory of our Lord! This website will reach so many people in so many far places. As we develop it, watch and see the beautiful things we can accomplish through it. 


Remember always that there is still a whole lot more we can do to develop this website, and to keep it going for the many, many more years to come. 


Thank you very much for all you do!


                                                                   The Webmaster

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